Chat and Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

Chat from anywhere

Microsoft Teams enables users to connect and communicate through one-on-one and group chat functions.

Start a teams chat,

(one-on-one or group)

Send a chat to a teams channel

Send links, files, or photos in chat

Share your screen in chat

Manage and prioritize your contacts

Share files through chat in teams

6 things to know about teams chats from Microsoft

Collaborate with anyone

Work with your colleagues to create teams and channels to manage and share files. In Teams as all your files are right at your fingertips. Collaborate, access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time. 


Team and channels
for collaboration

Create a new team

Create a team from an existing team

Create a channel

Check your channel
for notifications


Access your files on Microsoft

Edit a  file

Work on a shared file in Teams

Share a file in teams

Move or copy a file

Manage files through Sharepoint

Join the Teams Community

Everyone can join the team! In the Northeastern Teams Team channel, ask questions, explore resources, and learn about collaboration tools. 

In the Teams community, receive support from fellow university users and Teams experts on topics such as…

  • Files and File Management
  • Internet Calling
  • Meetings and AV Systems
  • Migrating to Teams
  • Teams and Channels

Train Your Team

Book a training for 4 or more team members and gain practical tips for how to streamline communications while working remotely.

Take a Crash Course in Teams

In this curated series of on-demand videos, get off the ground quickly using Teams to become more effective working anywhere.

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