Training Resources for
Microsoft Teams

Explore this page to book self-guided or group Microsoft Teams training sessions for you or your team. Northeastern training sessions focus on developing an understanding of the features and operations of Microsoft Teams. 

Visit Northeastern’s Training Resource Site to schedule a Microsoft Teams self-paced or live virtual training session. 

Learn more about  Microsoft Teams accessibility  support for users.

Microsoft Teams Calls Training

Discover the best ways to learn more about Microsoft Teams calls.


Self-Guided Online Training

For those wanting to learn on their own any time and from anywhere, on-demand video and written instructions are available.

Microsoft Teams Video Training

Video tutorials offered by Microsoft on using Microsoft Teams.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

In this curated series of on-demand videos, get off the ground quickly using Teams to become more effective working anywhere. This course is available on  LinkedIn Learning – to gain full access, click “Sign-In” in the top right after you click the link and enter your email address.

Microsoft Teams Help Center

Numerous guides, help articles, and videos provided by Microsoft.

Customized Training Sessions for Groups and Individuals

Faculty, staff, and students can book virtual one-on-one or group training sessions. These sessions allow you to customize the content covered by one of Northeastern’s Microsoft Teams training experts.

Use the Microsoft Teams Training Bookings page to find and book an available date/time for the services below:

  • Individual/Small Group Training: Microsoft Teams one-on-one training for individuals and groups of 4 or fewer. These typically last 1-1.5 hours.
  • Group/Department Training: Microsoft Teams training for 5 or more people. This training is 1.5 hours including the training session and question/answer period.
  • Office 365 Consultation: Get all of your Microsoft Teams/Office 365 questions answered. These 30-minute sessions partner you with an expert on all things Office 365 who can assist you in finding a solution for modernizing and digitizing your team.
  • Microsoft Teams Calls: Bookable trainings are now available for Microsoft Teams calls. Schedule a session now to learn more about all the features and functions in Microsoft Teams calls.  Drop-in sessions on Mondays will cover Teams calls/VoIP.

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