Requesting Teams Calls

Certified Equipment

While all you need is a computer or mobile phone with the Teams app to use Microsoft Teams calls, explore headsets, speakers, and handset options that can be ordered to enhance your Teams experience.

Learn more about the available options and submit a purchase request through the Tech Service Portal by selecting the link below. 

Options That Work Best For You

There are a variety of equipment options that may be purchased through the university, including Jabra wireless and wired headsets with single and dual earpieces, conference style speakers, and by approval, Microsoft Teams-certified handsets. Each of the below devices are Teams-certified and come with full university technical support and training. Take a look at the options, below, listed prices are subject to change. 

Sometimes, the best device is your own device. You can also connect with peers and colleagues through Microsoft Teams using any headset or personal device wherever your Northeastern Teams account is installed, for enhanced personal flexibility. Using a personal device is your choice, as well as your responsibility. 

Once an equipment purchase request is made, departments will purchase headset and speakers through the SHI punch-out store in MyMarketplace. Equipment purchasing is the financial responsibility of the department.

University-Supported Devices for Teams Calls

Wireless Headsets

Wireless USB connectivity to support office mobility and workspace flexibility.

Option #1 – Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless- Mono/Single over-ear headset - $120.70

A Professional headset that is fitted for one ear to provide a light, comfortable feel. This headset also comes with wireless USB connectivity for office mobility, a travel case, and a charging dock.

Option #2 – Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless - Stereo/Dual over-ear headset - $130.80

With an earpiece that covers both ears, extraneous noise is fully tuned out to allow for focus when meeting. This earpiece also comes with wireless USB connectivity, a travel case, and a charging dock.

Option #3 – Jabra Evolve 65e Wireless- Stereo In-ear – $126.24

Professional headset that functions in-ear to keep you connected to your call for greater productivity while avoiding a device that goes on your head. 

Wired Headsets

Hard-wired USB connectivity ensures that you stay connected without interruption.

Option #4 - Jabra Evolve 40 Wired - Mono/Single over-ear headset - $49.24

One ear covering offers a less heavy feel than its dual-earpiece counterpart. This option also comes with its own travel case.

Option #5 - Jabra Evolve40 Wired- Stereo/Dual over-ear headset - $58.22

Filter out background noise with both ears covered during meetings. This option also comes with its own travel case.

Option #6 – Jabra Evolve 20 Wired- Mono/Single over-ear headset - $30.46

Hard-wired USB connectivity ensures you stay connected, with one ear covering providing a budget yet quality option.  

Clare Martin

Option #7 – Jabra Evolve 20 Wired Stereo/Dual headset - Stereo/Dual over-ear headset - $33.78

This budget-friendly option ensures you stay connected while filtering outside noise with covering both ears for stereo sound.  

Portable Wireless Speaker

Portability and functionality for making conference calls or working in areas where a speaker for meetings is needed.

Option #8 – Jabra Speak 510+ Wireless Speaker - $96.81

Hold meetings or calls wherever you go with a rechargeable battery and 360 degree microphone for top call quality.

Option #9 – Jabra Speak 710 Wireless Speaker - $163.08

HD audio with plug and play connectivity, when connected  with a wireless USB adapter, this device can travel with you to take calls from anywhere.


Option #10 - Desktop Handset Polycom CCX 400 – Microsoft Teams Edition - $268+Installation Costs.

The Polycom CCX 400 is Northeastern’s Teams calls-certified handset for use in eligible situations. Operates on the Android platform and is not a traditional “landline phone.” Requires a powered ethernet port for setup on each department’s internet network. View Northeastern handset guidelines below.

Requesting a Microsoft Teams-Certified Handset

No phone handsets are needed to make and receive calls with Microsoft Teams. However, there are special cases where an approved Teams-certified phone handset may be appropriate.

Below, is a set of eligibility guidelines to assist departments and users in determining whether a phone handset is appropriate for their Microsoft Teams calling needs. Handset requests are prioritized on a case-by-case basis, and recommendations for handset installations are made by Northeastern ITS in accordance with the full Microsoft Teams handset guidelines.
1. Users who have specific ADA requirements where portable headsets or speakers cannot be used. 

2. Shared phone lines staffed by more than one individual. (including common area lines)  

3. Phones in open reception areas where 4-digit extension calls are the main method of communication. 

4. Outside vendors who do not qualify for a Microsoft Teams license. 

5. Individuals who do not have a computer/computer equipment with the ability to connect a speaker and microphone, or headset/portable speaker. 

6. Outdated computer equipment that does not support the Microsoft Teams platform. 

7. Common area spaces that host guest or visitor phone lines. 

8. Office locations or high traffic areas where handsets cannot be secured or locked in an office or desk/cabinet. Note: replacement of missing equipment is the department’s full financial responsibility.  

Learn to use Teams Calling

Gain insight into using Microsoft Teams calls devices, including making and receiving calls, storing contacts, adjusting speed dial, and setting up and receiving voicemail messages.

Need assistance?

The IT Service Desk is happy to help! There are a number of support options available to you.