Microsoft Teams Calls MIGRATION

Microsoft Teams internet calling is a unified communications initiative to connect users across the university with a digital solution for their university phone line.  Through this process, ageing phone technology is transformed to an internet based, mobile-first calling experience with the ability to call any one, from anywhere, at anytime.

Your Department’s Migration Wave

Migration of each department will be coordinated at the department level with the unified communications (UC) team, here are the steps that each department and Teams calling user should expect in each migration wave:

Migration date determined through department point of contact’s coordination with unified communications (UC) team.
Planning meeting with POC to confirm details of department’s users (both individual and admins), common area phone configuration and to explain communication cadence, and training options for Microsoft Teams internet calling.
Official communication from UC team, confirming migration date with users and providing link to device selection survey.
User selection of device through online form.
UC team coordinates delivery of device to user.
Remote training sessions held with each department.
Official communication from UC team confirming migration date with users.
Verification that devices were received by users from the UC team.
Full use of Microsoft Teams internet calling!
Post migration survey distributed to all migrated users.

Need assistance?

The IT Service Desk is happy to help! There are a number of support options available to you.